William A. Lybarger, Ph.D.

546 Dunmoreland Dr.

Shreveport, LA 71106

Office: 316-260-0439


 Expert Witness Biography



Dr. Lybarger provides Standard of Care opinions related to quality of care and treatment provided by health, education, and human service agencies.  He has extensive training and experience in health and human service management, special education, wrongful employment, security practices, gender/age/disability mix administration, quality assurance, performance management and regulatory compliance.  His casework includes personal injury, wrongful death, no-lock facility management, deficient practices in nursing care centers, assisted living centers, therapeutic foster care, community and residential mental retardation programs, private psychiatric facilities, juvenile treatment, special education, and human resource management. He has Chaired over 200 Standard of Care staffing’s related to personal Injury and wrongful death.  Dr. Lybarger has provided deposition testimony 35 times, trial testimony seven times and has been retained 125 cases.    

William A. Lybarger, Ph.D. Personal Information: I have spent most of my professional career, directly or indirectly, as a manager of health and human service organizations. I have worked as a special education teacher in a regional diagnostic clinic where I completed 600 psychoeducational evaluations of children with learning and behavior problems. I was Director of Special Education at two state psychiatric facilities where education services were provided inpatient adolescents who exhibited extreme behavior challenges. I completed my doctoral matriculation at St. Louis University. My dissertation research considered the impact of self-concept on the exhibition rate of acting out behaviors of adolescent inpatients. On two occasions, I was administratively responsible for the quality of care provided in all state operated long term care facilities including psychiatric hospitals. I have been a manager of a variety of residential and community-based programs for persons with developmental disabilities. Most recently, a 500 bed ICF/MR. During my tenure, the facilities percentage of compliance with applicable federal regulations went from 42% to 100%. During that time, I worked as a consultant to bring a 500 bed ICF/MR into substantial compliance. Additionally, I lead the closure of a state operated psychiatric hospital and concurrently moved the hospital operationally from the medical to a developmental model. I worked as the administrator of a Critical Access Hospital and had administrative responsibility for the operation of a 150-bed intermediate care nursing home. Concurrently, I was CEO of a community based residential program for persons with developmental disabilities, including a group home. While teaching MBA and healthcare management graduate courses as a Professor of Management I facilitated on-line dissertation research courses for the University of Phoenix. Finally, I have Chaired over 200 Standard of Care staffing related to personal injury and/or wrongful death.



1971-1975                              St. Louis University, Ph.D.

                                                Psychology/Special Education

                                                St. Louis, Missouri


1968-1969                               Arkansas State University, M.S.E.

                                                Special Education (M.R.)

                                                Jonesboro, Arkansas


1965-1968                               Arkansas State University, B.S.E.

                                                Special Education (M.R.)

                                                Jonesboro, Arkansas



Current                                     Associate Professor

                                                University of Phoenix

                                                 Phoenix, Arizona


1994 - 2018                              Professor of Management

                                                 College of Leadership, Management & Technology

                                                 Friends University

                                                 Wichita, Kansas


1994-2003                                 Administrator

                                                  Cedar Vale Community Hospital (Critical Access Hospital)

                                                  Acute Care & Assisted Living

                                                  Cedar Vale, Kansas


 1995-2003                               Chief Executive Officer

                                                 Cedar Vale Human Services, Inc.

                                                 Cedar Vale, Kansas

                                                 (H.C.B.S. Waiver Apartment Program)

                                                 (Cedar Vale Nursing Center/Assisted Living)                       


 1986-1994                              Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services



                                                Winfield State Hospital and Training Center (ICF-MR)

                                                Winfield, Kansas                                            1987-1994


                                                Director, Institutional Treatment Programs (MH/MR)

                                                Department of MHMR (Central Office) 1986 -1987

1981-1986                               Louisiana Department of Health and Human Resources

                                                Executive Assistant Administrator

                                                E.A. Conway Hospital/Monroe, Louisiana     1985-1986


                                                Director - AC-MRDD Accredited

                                                Ruston State School (ICF-MR)

                                                Ruston, Louisiana                                           1981-1985


1976-1981                               Missouri Department of Mental Health


                                                Hannibal Regional Center (MRDD)

                                                Hannibal, Missouri                                          1978-1981


                                                Director Residential Treatment Programs

                                                Division of MRDD

                                                Central Office

                                                Jefferson City, Missouri                                  1977-1978


                                                Assistant Center Director (treatment)

                                                Springfield Regional Center (MRDD)

                                                Springfield, Missouri                                      1976-1977


1974-1976                              Arkansas State University                 

                                                Assistant Professor, Special Education

                                                Jonesboro, Arkansas


1969-1974                              Missouri Department of Mental Health

                                                Assistant Superintendent (MRDD)

                                                Higginsville State School (400-bed ICF-MR)

                                                Higginsville, Missouri                                     1973-1974


                                                Director of Special Education (Mental Health)

                                                St. Louis State Hospital (150 clients)

                                                St. Louis, Missouri                                          1972-1973


                                                Director of Special Education (Mental Health)

                                                Farmington State Hospital (80 clients)

                                                Farmington, Missouri                                      1971-1972


                                                Special Education Teacher and Treatment Coordinator

                                                Outpatient Psycho-Educational Evaluations

                                                Hannibal Regional Center (MRDD)

                                                Hannibal, Missouri                                          1969-1971

Expert Witness:

2021                       Ferrara Law Firm                                     Personal Injury

                               Cherry Hill, NJ 08002                              Mental Health

                               Michael Ferrara                                        Long Term Care



2020                       Stephens, Rash & Armstrong, PLLC       Wrongful Death

                                2626 S. Loop W. Suite 522                      Nursing Home                                                                                                                     

                                Houston, Texas 77054

                                Jefferey Bell. Esq.



2020                        Patrick Malone & Associates                   Wrongful Death

                                1310 L. St. NW, Suite 800                       MRDD (Autism)

                                Washington, DC 20005

                                Daniel C. Scialpi, Esq.



2019                        LundyLaw, LLP                                       Personal Injury

                                1635 Market St. 19th Floor                     Developmental Disabilities

                                Philadelphia, PA 19103                           Community Program

                                Adam D. Wilf, Esquire



2019                        Christovich & Kearney, LLP                    Personal Injury

                                Pan Am Life, Suite 2300                          Developmental Disability

                                601 Poydras St.                                       Group Home

                                New Orleans, LA 70130                           Defense

                                F. Sherman Boughton



2019                        Stovall and Associates                             Personal Injury

                                2301 Palomino Lane                                Developmental Disability

                                Las Vegas, NV 89107                              Service System/ Group Home

                                Ross Moynihan


2019                        Moore & Hunter                                      Personal Injury 

                                6513 Perkins Road                                  Developmental disabilities

                                Baton Rouge, Louisiana

                                225-767- 4486

                                Charles R. Moore


2018                        Boehl Stopher & Graves, LLP                 Personal Injury

                                Aegon Center – Suite 2300                     Developmental Disability

                                400 West Market Street                          Service System/Group Home 

                                Louisville, Kentucky, 40202                    Defense

                                Michael Jackson



2018                        Stovall and Associates                             Personal Injury

                                2301 Palomino Lane                                Developmental Disability

                                Las Vegas, NV 89107                              Service System/ Group Home

                                Ross Moynihan


2018                        Allen, Shepherd, Lewis & Syra               Assisted Living Facility

                                P.O. Box 94750                                      Wrongful Death

                                Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199          Defense

                                Christopher Reed



 2018                        Dr. Edward A. Robinson, III                   Wrongful Death

                                600 North Foster Dr.                               Developmental Disability

                                Baton Rouge, LA 70806                          Group Home



2018                        Injury Law Center                                    Wrongful Death

                                61 Spit Brook Road, Unit 101                  Juvenile Mental Health

                                Nashua, NH 03060                                   Residential

                                Joseph Russo



2017                       Dunmore & Bacharach                             Employee Injury 

                               4128 NW 13th Street                                 Mental Health

                               Gainesville, FL 32609                              Juvenile Residential

                                Pamela Dunmore



2017                        Dowding and Urbom Law Office            Criminal Charges

                                201 N 8th St. Suite 242                          Developmental Disability

                                Lincoln, NE 68508                                  Day Activity Center

                                Jonathan Urbom



2017                        DeSimone & Associates                           Personal Injury

                                One World Trade Center                          Psychiatric Hospital

                                Suite 8500

                                New York, New York 10007

                                Jennifer Pawlak  (212-220-6555

2017                        Warner Law Office                                   Personal Injury

                                 227 Capitol Street                                   Administrative Negligence

                                 Charleston, WV 25301                            Alternative Community Placement

                                 Andrew Byrd



2017                         James Worthen                                       Personal Injury

                                 Morane & Bostwich, LLC                        Administrative Negligence

                                 201 N. Wolcott                                        Alternative Community Placement        

                                 Casper, Wyoming 82601



2017                          Frain & Associates                                 Personal Injury

                                  653 Main St.                                           Alternative community Placement

                                  Bolton, MA 01740                             

                                  Frank Bonanni/978-779-0749


 2016                        Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP                    Administrative Negligence

                                 One East Broward, Suite 1010                Personal Injury

                                 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301               Alternative Community Placement

                                 Michelle Zeiger



2015                         Warner Law Office                                 Wrongful Death

                                 227 Capitol Street                                  Administrative Negligence

                                 Charleston, WV 25301                           Alternative Community Placement

                                 Andrew Byrd



2015                         DeVos Law Firm                                    Personal Injury

                                 6000 Gisholt Drive, Suite 105                Nursing Care Facility

                                 Madison, WI 53713                              

                                 Matthew DeVos



2015                         Gregory Chase Law Firm                        Personal Injury

                                 7801 Academy NE                                  Nursing Care Center

                                 Building 2 – Suite 104

                                 Albuquerque, NM 87109

                                 Gregory Chase



2015                         Warner Law Office                                  Personal Injury

                                 227 Capitol Street                                   Administrative Negligence

                                 Charleston, WV 25301                           Alternative Community Placement

                                 Andrew Byrd (304-344-4460)

2015                         Stellato & Schwartz, Ltd                        Administrative Negligence

                                 425 N Martingale Road                          Therapist – Resident Sex

                                 Suite 1150                                               Personal Injury

                                 Schaumburg, IL 60173                           MH Residential Facility

                                 John Gilligan



2015                         Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP          Wrongful Death

                                 1000 Jackson Street                               Community Facility

                                 Toledo, Ohio 43604-5573                       Resident-to-Resident

                                 Jack G. Fynes                                          Mental Health



2014                        Billing, Cochran, Lyles, Mauro                Mental Health

                                 & Ramsey, P.A.                                      Negligent Hiring

                                 1601 Forum Place, Suite 400                 Medical Center

                                 West Palm Beach, FL 33401                 Juvenile Treatment

                                 Bruce Ramsey/561-659-5970                Deposition 


2014                         Fieger, Fieger, Kenny, Giroux                Wrongful Death        

                                 Danzig & Harrington                              Group Home

                                 19390 West Ten Mile Road                    Developmental Disability 

                                 Southfield, Michigan 48075

                                 Caroline M. Whittemore



2014                         Thurswell Law Firm                               Personal Injury
                                 Thomas Bowling                                     Developmental Disability
                                 1000 Town Center, Suite 500                 Deposition
                                 Southfield, Michigan 48075


2014                         Dansky, Katz, Ringold & York                 Developmental Disability

                                 8000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 8304          Personal Injury

                                 Marlton, New Jersey 08053

                                 Michael S. Ringold/856-489-1515


2014                          Herman Law                                          Personal Injury 

                                  3351 Boca Raton Boulevard                  Sexual Assault

                                  Boca Raton, Florida 33431                    Residential Facility

                                  Daniel Ellis/305-931-2200                     Developmental Disability


2014                          William Schwitzer & Associates            Mental Health

                                  112 Madison Avenue                            Juvenile treatment

                                  New York, New York 10016                  Wrongful Death

                                  Andrea Arrigo/212-685-7800

2014                          Vigil Law Firm                                      Personal Injury

                                  2014 Central Avenue SW                     Long Term Care

                                  Albuquerque, NM 87104                      Administration

                                  Jacob Vigil                                            Deposition



2014                          Eastman Law Office, PSC                    Personal Injury

                                  3721 Taylorville, Road                          Developmental disability

                                  Louisville, Kentucky 40220                   ICF/MR

                                  Martha Eastman                                    RES-CARE


2013                          Bailey & Galyen                                    Work related Injury

                                  1300 Summit Avenue, Suite 65             Employee

                                  Fort Worth, Texas 76021                       Nursing Home

                                  Daniel Sullivan 817-417-9660               Deposition


2012                          Wright, Worley, Pope, Ekster                Personal Injury

                                  & Moss                                                   ICF/IDD

                                  4498 Main Street. Suite 4

                                  Shallotte, NC 28459

                                  Boyd T. Worley



2012                          Riffner & Barber                                    Personal Injury

                                  1834 Walden Office Square                   Assisted Living

                                  Schaumburg, Illinois 60173                   Deposition

                                  Scott Barber



2012                          Beach, Whitman & Cowdrey                  Wrongful Death

                                  800 E. Esplanade Drive, Suite 1400      Group Home

                                  Oxnard, California 93036                       Mental retardation

                                  Randy Romero/805-388-3100                Deposition (Defense)                                                   


2012                          Dansky, Katz, Ringold & York                 Wrongful Death 

                                  8000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 8304          Mental Retardation

                                  Marlton, New Jersey 08053

                                  Michael S. Ringold/856-489-1515


2011                         Friedman, Domiano & Smith                   Wrongful Death

                                 55 Public Square, Suite 1055                  Day Activity Center

                                 Cleveland, Ohio 44113                            Developmental Disability

                                 David Grant



2011                         W. Morris Taylor, P.C.                             Medical Center

                                 Olive Corporate Center, Suite 202          H.R. Issues

                                 9666 Olive Boulevard                             Deposition

                                 St. Louis, Missouri 63132

                                 Scott Bailey



2011                         Iowa Department of Justice                     ICF/MR

                                 Special Litigation Unit                              Wrongful Death

                                 1305 Walnut Street 

                                 Des Moines, Iowa 50319

                                 Anne Updegraff/515-281-5881


2011                         Edwards Law Firm                                   Group Home

                                 1601 Lewis, Ave., Suite 206                    Employee Injury

                                 Billings, Montana 59104          

                                 Philip McGrady



2011                         John J. Garvey, III                                   Mental Health  

                                 10 Almaden Blvd., Suite 1250                Personal Injury

                                 San Jose, California

                                 John Garvey/408-294-7777


2011                         Law Office of Sam Stein                           Nursing Home  

                                 305 South Grand                                      Wrongful Death

                                 Cherokee, Oklahoma 73728

                                 Sam Stein



2011                         Caldwell & Taylor                                    Wrongful Death

                                 31700 Middlebelt Rd. Suite 150              Defense

                                 Farmington Hills. MI 48334

                                 Cameron Getto



2011                         Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor &                       Psychiatric Hospital

                                 Martin                                                       Personal Injury  

                                 218 Montezuma

                                 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

                                 Jerry Hamilton



2010                         Stark & Stark                                            Mental Health

                                 P.O. Box 5315                                          Group Home

                                 Princeton, NJ 08543                                 Personal Injury          

                                 David R. Cohen



2010                         Hertz Schram PC                                     MH Group Home

                                 1760 South Telegraph Road                    Wrongful Death

                                 Suite 300                                                  Defense

                                 Bloomfield Hills,

                                 Michigan 48302

                                 Liz Thomson



2010                          Thompson Goodis                                  Group Home     

                                  700 Central Avenue                                Personal Injury

                                  St. Petersburg, Florida                            Defense

                                  Andrea Zdaniewski                                 Deposition



2010                          Brian R. Schrope, P.C.                          Juvenile Treatment         

                                  367 North State Street                           Personal Injury

                                  Caro, Michigan 48723

                                  Brian Schrope



2010                          Stellato & Schwartz                              Mental Retardation 

                                  120 North LaSalle Street                       Personal Injury

                                  34th Floor                                               Defense

                                  Chicago, IL 60602

                                  Thomas Kiepura/312-419-1011


2010                          Steven J. Williams, P.C.                        Group Home

                                  222 W. Las Colinas Blvd.                      Administration

                                  Irving, Texas 75039                               Mental Retardation

                                  Steven Williams



2010                         Howard & Reed                                      Nursing Home

                                 516 North Columbia Street                     Personal Injury

                                 Covington, Louisiana, 70433                  Deposition

                                 Kyle T. Del Hierro



2009                         Law Office of Peter Miller                      Nursing Care Center

                                 1601 S. Broadway St.                             Personal Injury

                                  Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

                                  Robert L. Scull



2009                          Stanley Kahn Law Office                       Mental Retardation

                                  1800 N. Meridian St. Suite 601              Personal Injury

                                  Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

                                  Kevin Deville



2009                           Deasley, Mahoney, Valenteni & North      Juvenile Treatment

                                   1601 Market, Suite 3400                         Personal Injury 

                                   Philadelphia, PA 19103-2301                  Sexual Assault                     

                                   Carla Maresca/215-587-9456                  Defense


2009                           Mitchell & Desmone                                  Mental Retardation

                                   101 Arch Street                                         Personal Injury

                                   Boston, Massachusetts 02110                                                                                 

                                   Paul E. Mitchell



 2009                          Shapiro, Bettinger & Chase                       Mental Retardation

                                   7411 Jefferson St. NE                                Personal Injury

                                   Albuquerque, NM 87109                            Trial

                                   Gregory Chase/505-888/6463


2009                           Trullinger & Wenk                                     Psychiatric Hospital  

                                   1616 North Litchfield, Road                     Personal Injury

                                   Suite 200

                                   Goodyear, AZ. 85395

                                   Charles Trullenger/623-536-5500


2009                           Akerman Senterfitt                                       Personal Injury

                                   SunTrust Financial Centre                          Foster Care

                                   401 E. Jackson Street                                 Defense

                                   Tampa, Florida 33602-5250

                                   Brad Barrios



 2008                          Schlueter, Mandel & Mandel                    Nursing Care Center

                                   1108 Olive Street, 5th Floor                      Personal Injury

                                   St. Louis, Mo 63101

                                   Andrew Mandel



 2008                          Martinez Law Office                                  Mental Retardation

                                   913 Second Street NW                             Personal Injury 

                                   Albuquerque, N.M. 87102

                                   Ms. Dusti Harvey



 2009                          Stanley Kahn Law Office                         Mental Retardation

                                   1800 N. Meridian St. Suite 601                Personal Injury

                                   Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

                                   Kevin Deville



  2008                         Schlueter, Mandel & Mandel                  Nursing Care Center

                                    1108 Olive Street, 5th Floor                   Personal Injury

                                    St. Louis, Mo 63101

                                    Andrew Mandel



 2008                            Ross, Feller & Casey                               Juvenile Treatment Center   

                                     1 Liberty Place, Suite 3450                       Personal Injury

                                     1650 Market Street 

                                     Philadelphia, PA 19103

                                      Tom Sweeney



 2008                          Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins                 Mental Retardation

                                   178 West Main Street                                    Personal Injury

                                   P.O. Box 3547                                               Deposition

                                   Spartanburg, SC 29304

                                   Wes Kissinger



 2007                         Bryan Buddy                                         Mental Retardation

                                  3724 Lake Washington Blvd. NE          Personal Injury

                                  Kirkland, Washington 98033



 2007                           Hamilton, Burgess, Young & Pollard          Mental Retardation

                                    Maple Lane                                                Placement Decision

                                    Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840

                                    Ralph Young



 2007                           James H. Bell                                               Nursing Care Center

                                    4504 Madison  (816-561-4040)                    Personal Injury 

                                    Kansas City, Missouri 64111


2007                            Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf                           Mental Retardation

                                    221 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1148       Personal Injury

                                    Chicago, Illinois 60601

                                     Kenneth Hoffman



2007                         Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins             Mental Retardation

                                 178 West Main Street                                Personal Injury

                                 Spartanburg, SC. 29304                             Deposition                                                                                                                                                        

                                 Wes Kissinger/864-585-5100


2007                       Justin Lawrence, PSC                                     Psychiatric Hospital

                               107 East High Street                                       Juvenile

                                P.O. Box 1330                                                 Personal Injury

                                Warsaw, Kentucky 41095                               Deposition

                               Justin Lawrence



2007                      Hurvitz & Walman                                     Mental Retardation

                             1008 South New Road                               Wrongful Death

                             Pleasantville, NJ 08232

                             Mitch Waldman



2007                  Lori Peterson & Associates                      Psychiatric Hospital

                          700 Lumber Exchange                              Personal Injury  

                          10 South Fifth Street                                 Juvenile

                          Minneapolis, Minnesota 54402

                          Lori Peterson



2007                  Harrison, White, Smith                              MH Group Home

                          & Coggins, P.C.                                         Personal Injury

                          178 West Main Street                                Deposition

                           P.O. Box 3547

                           Spartanburg, SC 29304

                          Wes Kissinger



2007                  Oklahoma Department of                          Mental Retardation  

                          Human Services                                         Personal Injury

                          Assistant General Counsel                         Defense

                          Chuck Jackson



2007                  McKay, Bell & Byerley                                Nursing Care Center

                          215 East 20th Street                                   Personal Injury

                          Kansas City, Missouri 64108

                          David Byerley



2007                  Federico, Castelan & Sayre                      Mental Retardation 

                          900 North Broadway                                  Wrongful Death

                          Santa Anna, California 92701

                          Lydia Brant



 2007                 James Bell, P.C.                                             Nursing Care Center

                          Attorney at Law                                                 Personal Injury

                          4505 Madison

                          Kansas City, Missouri



2007                  DeCaro, Doran, Siciliano                               Mental Retardation

                          Gallagher & DeBlasis                                    Wrongful Death

                          4601 Forbes Boulevard                                  Defense

                          Landram, Maryland 20703

                          Jeffrey DeCaro/310-306-4300


 2006                 Johnson & Sundeen                                       Nursing Care Center

                           P. O. Box 1260                                               Wrongful Death

                           Watford City, North Dakota 58854                  Deposition

                           Dennis Johnson



2006                     McKay, Bell & Byerley                                  Nursing Care Center

                             215 East 20th Street                                     Personal Injury

                             Kansas City, Missouri 64108                        Deposition

                             David Byerley



2006                     Stein, Chapin & Gildee                                Special Education

                             32 Huster Street                                           Due Process

                             Suite 200                                                      IDEA

                             Columbus, Ohio 43215                                Deposition

                             Lance Chapin



2006                     Walker & Billingsley                                       Special Education  

                             1000 73rd St. Suite 24                                   Personal Injury

                              Des Moines, Iowa 50311                                IEP

                              Erik Bair



2006                         Basso & Associates                                  Mental Retardation

                                 Douglas County Law Center                     Personal Injury

                                 1171 Route 55

                                 LaGrangeville, New York 12540

                                 Bryan Schneider


2006                         Parham, Smith & Dodson                           Mental Retardation

                                 501 River Street                                          Personal Injury

                                 Smith Barney Building, 2nd Floor

                                 P.O. Box 2800

                                 Greenville, South Carolina 29602

                                 Makenzie Archenhold



2006                         Rawle & Henderson                                  Mental Retardation

                                  The Widener Building                               Personal Injury

                                  One South Penn Square                           Defense

                                  Philadelphia, PA. 19107

                                  Vicky DeShong



2006                          McKay, Bell & Byerley                                   Nursing home

                                  215 East 20th Street                                      Personal Injury

                                  Kansas City, Missouri 64108                          Deposition

                                  David Byerley



2005                          Thompson, Goodis, Thompson,                       Mental Retardation

                                   Groseclose & Richardson                                Personal Injury

                                    700 Central Avenue, Suite 500, Box 90          Defense

                                    St. Petersburg, Florida 33731

                                    Lisa S. Del Vecchio, 727-823-0540


2005                            Berman & Simmons                                        Mental Retardation

                                    129 Lisbon Street, Box 961                             Wrongful Death

                                    Lewiston, Maine 04243-0961

                                    William Robitzek, 207-784-3576


2005                            Thompson, Goodis, Thompson,                     Mental Retardation

                                    Groseclose & Richardson                               Personal Injury

                                    700 Central Avenue, Suite 500                       Defense

                                    St. Petersburg, Florida 33731

                                    Lisa S. Del Vecchio, 727-823-0540              



2005                            Cole, Scott & Kissane                                    Mental Retardation

                                    Pacific National Bank Building                        Personal Injury

                                    1390 Brickell Avenue, Third Floor

                                    Miami, Florida 33131

                                    John D. Coleman, 305-350-5300


2005                            Stewart Lee Karlin, P.A.                                   Mental Retardation

                                    500 West Cypress Creek Road, St. 230          Special Education

                                    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309                        Admin. Hearing

                                    Stewart Lee Karlin, 954-462-1201


2005                            Woods Bower                                                 Mental Retardation

                                    The Waterworks Building                                Wrongful Death

                                    201 Main Street, Suite 100                             Deposition

                                    Kansas City, Missouri 64105

                                    Aaron Woods, 816-221-2800


2005                            McKay, Bell & Byerley                                         Nursing Home

                                    215 East 20th Street                                            Personal Injury

                                     Kansas City, Missouri 64108

                                     David Byerley



2005                            Stroebel & Johnson                                           Mental Retardation

                                    405 Capital Street                                              Personal Injury

                                    Mezzanine – Suite One                                      Deposition

                                    Charleston, West Virginia 25329

                                    Paul Stroebel



2005                            Stroebel & Johnson                                           Mental Retardation

                                    405 Capital Street                                             Personal Injury

                                     Mezzanine – Suite One                                    Deposition

                                     Charleston, West Virginia 25329

                                      Paul Stroebel



2005                              Mann Law Office                                              Nursing Care Center

                                      201 East First                                                   Personal Injury

                                      P.O. Box 1202

                                      Hutchinson, Kansas 67504

                                       Scott Mann



2005                            McKay, Bell & Byerley                                       Nursing Care Center

                                     215 East 20th Street                                          Personal Injury

                                     Kansas City, Missouri 64108

                                     David Byerley



2004                           Gregory J. Denney & Associates, P.C.             Mental Retardation

                                    1204 South Cheyenne                                     Personal Injury

                                    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

                                    Gregory J. Denney, 918-295-0077


2004                            Michael P. McCready & Associates                Mental Retardation

                                    10008 South Western Avenue                        Personal Injury

                                    Chicago, Illinois 60643

                                    Michael P. McGready, 773-779-9885


2004                            Levine, Hirsch, Segall, Mackenzie &              Mental Retardation

                                    Friedsam                                                         Wrongful Death

                                    100 South Ashley Drive, Suite 1600             

                                    PO Box 3429

                                    Tampa, Florida 33601-3429

                                    Richard A. Hirsch, 813-229-6585


2004                           Conner & Winters                                           Nursing Care Center

                                    3700 First Place Tower                                   Personal Injury

                                    15 East Fifth Street

                                    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-4344

                                    Julie Forrester-Sellers, 918-586-5711


2004                            McDonald Hosmer King & Royce                    Nursing Care Center

                                    300 South Jefferson, Suite 600                       Personal Injury

                                    PO Box 1245                                                   Deposition

                                    Springfield, Missouri 65801-1245

                                    J.L. Jones, 417-869-0581


2004                            Stellato & Schwartz, Ltd.                                  Mental Retardation

                                    120 North LaSalle Street, 34th Floor                Personal Injury

                                    Chicago, Illinois 60602                                     Deposition

                                    Thomas A. Kiepura, 312-419-1011                  Defense


2004                            Prindle, Decker & Amaro LLP                      Mental Retardation

                                    310 Golden Shore – 4th Floor                         Wrongful Death

                                    PO Box 22711

                                    Long Beach, California 90801-5511                         


2004                            Crow & Little Law Firm                                  Mental Retardation                                       

                                    104 West Philips, Suite 101                           Personal Injury

                                    Conroe, Texas 77301                                        

                                    Paula Elliott Crow, 936-441-4556



2004                             Sloan, Listrom, Eisenbarth, Sloan &                Nursing Center

                                     Glassman, LLC                                                Wrongful Death

                                     714 Capitol Federal Building                           Deposition     

                                     7000 Kansas Avenue

                                     Topeka, Kansas 66603-3881

                                      Martha A. Peterson, 785-357-6311


2004                            Burch & George                                             Mental Retardation                                                                                                                 

                                    1500 City Place Building                                Wrongful Death 

                                    Oklahoma City, OK 73102

                                    Kelly A. George, 405-239-7711


2004                             Vickery & Linebaugh, LLP                            Mental Retardation                                        

                                     6300 Rollingbrook, Suite 601                        Personal Injury

                                     Baytown, Texas 77521

                                     Karen L. Semanek, 281-422-0505


2003                             Flaherty, Sensabaugh & Bonasso, PLLC         Mental Retardation                                                     

                                     200 Capitol Street                                            Personal Injury             

                                     Charleston, West Virginia 25338-3843

                                    Scott Kaminski, 304-345-0200


2003                            Brown & Connery, LLP                                    Mental Retardation

                                    360 Haddon Avenue                                       Personal Injury

                                    Westmont, New Jersey 08108

                                    Christine P. O’Hearn, 856-854-8900


2003                            Law Office of Richard Harpotlian                  Mental Retardation

                                    P.O. Box 1090                                                Wrongful Death

                                     Columbia, South Carolina 29202

                                    David Scott, 803-252-4848


2003                             Crow & Little Law Firm                                 Mental Retardation                                                           

                                     114 West Phillips, Suite 101                          Personal Injury

                                     Conroe, Texas 77301

                                      Paula Elliott Crow, 936-441-4556


2003                             McKay, Bell & Byerley                                  Nursing Home

                                      215 East 20th Street                                   Wrongful Death

                                      Kansas City, Missouri 64108

                                       David C. Byerley, 816-474-4700


2003                              McKay, Bell & Byerley                                   Nursing Home

                                       215 East 20th Street                                    Personal Injury

                                       Kansas City, Missouri 64108

                                        David C. Byerley, 816-474-4700


2003                               Mainor, Harris                                                  Psychiatric Hospital

                                       Mainor Harris Law Center                               Personal Injury

                                       801 South Fourth Street

                                       Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

                                      Robert T. Eglet, 702-385-1400


2003                               Albrechta & Coble                                          Mental Retardation                                                    

                                      100 North Arch St.                                          Personal Injury

                                       Freemont, Ohio 43420                                    Trial

                                       Joseph F. Albrechta, 419-841-8584

2002                              Peick & Associates                                          Private Psychiatric                                         

                                      1000 –112th Avenue NE                                  Treatment            

                                      Bellevue, Washington 98004 - 2319                Personal Injury

                                      John Peick, 425-462-0660


2002                                Clifford & Raihala                                          Medical Center

                                        44 East Mifflan St., Suite 800                        Administration          

                                        Madison, Wisconsin 53703

                                         Teague Devitt, 08-257-7980


2002                                Keating, O'Gara, Davis & Nedved                 Mental Retardation

                                        530 South 13th Street, Suite A                       Personal Injury

                                        Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 – 2795                    Deposition

                                        Joel D. Nelson, 402-475-8230


2002                                 Pearson, Patton, Shea, Foley & Kurtz                  Nursing Center

                                         Bank of American West                                         Wrongful Death

                                         6900 Westcliff Dr., Suite 800

                                         George W. Foley, Jr., 702-228-7717


2002                                 Gary Eubanks & Associates                           Nursing Center                                                         

                                         Box 3887                                                        Wrongful Death

                                         Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

                                          Pamela Brogdon, 501-372-0266


2002                                  Daniel E. Scott                                               Psychiatric Hospital                                                  

                                          2033 Main Street, Suite 408                           Wrongful Death

                                          Sarasota, Florida 34237



2002                                  Kreg & Beckelman, PLC                               Medical Center                                                          

                                          The Hach Building, Suite 330                        Personal Injury

                                          401 First Street, S.E.

                                          Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 - 0186

                                          Edward J. Krug, 319-297-7515


2002                                Kinerk, Beal, Schmidt & Dyer, P.C.              Mental Retardation

                                        5255 East Williams Circle                              Personal Injury

                                        Suite 6000, West Tower                                  Deposition

                                        Tucson, Arizona 85711


2002                               Spencer & Klein                                             Mental Retardation

                                       Suite1901, 801 Brickell Avenue                     Personal Injury

                                       Miami, Florida 93193

                                        David M. Tarlow, 305-374-7700   


2002                                 Anderson & Howell                                         Medical Center

                                          2029 North Third Street                                 Personal Injury

                                          Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

                                          Richard A. Staggard, 904-247-1972


2002                                    Herzog and O'Connor, P.C.                               Mental Retardation

                                             7333 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite280     Personal Injury                                                                                                      

                                              Scottsdale, Arizona 86268                               Deposition

                                              Michael Herzog, 480-998-3855


2002                                       Arnold E. Reed & Associates, P.C.                Special Education

                                                Tower 14 Office Building                                 Personal Injury

                                                21700 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 550

                                                Southfield, Michigan 48075

                                                Arnold Reed, 248-559-1222


2002                                       Carney, Appleby, Nielsen & Skinner, PLC        Medical Center

                                                400 Homestead Building                                Personal Injury

                                                303 Locust Street

                                                Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1770

                                                Stephen V. Nielsen, 515-282-6603


2002                                        Hertel & Gibbs, S.C.                                       Mental Health Center

                                                4330 Golf Terrace, Suite 108                          Wrongful Death

                                                Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701

                                                Harry Hertel, 715-832-4330


2001                                       Beger, Bushie & Scheiderer                           Mental Retardation

                                                103 West Tenth Street, PO Box 805              Personal Injury

                                                Rolla, Missouri 65402-0805

                                                Bryan D. Scheiderer



2001                                       Califf & Harper, PC                                        Mental Retardation

                                                600 First Midwest                                           Wrongful Death

                                                 Moline, Illinois 61266-0719

                                                Roger Strandlund, 309-764-8361


                                                James E. Davis                                                Mental Retardation

2001                                         321 North State Street                                    Wrongful Death     

                                                PO Box 950                                                                                                                                        

                                                Greenfield, IN 46140

                                                James E. Davis, 800-570-2928


2001                                         Lindner & Marquez                                         Mental Retardation

                                                505 North 6th Street                                        Personal Injury                                                          

                                                John M. Lindner, 630-275-9193                      Deposition

                                                Garden City, Kansas


2001                                       Michael G. Heilmann P.C.                              Mental Retardation

                                                24901 Northwestern Highway, Suite 206      Personal Injury

                                                Southfield, Michigan 48075

                                                Michael G. Heilmann, 248-356-8888


2001                                        McKay, Bell & Byerley                                     Nursing Care Center

                                                215 East 20th Street                                        Wrongful Death

                                                Kansas City, Missouri 64108                                    

                                                David C. Byerley, 816-474-4700 


2001                                       Stroebel & Johnson, P.L.L.C                                                                                                            

                                                819 Lee Street, East                                        Mental Retardation

                                                PO Box 2582                                                   Personal Injury

                                                Charleston, West Virginia 25329                    Trial

                                                Paul M. Stroebel, 304-346-0197                     


2001                                      Goehl, Schuering & Cassens                          Medical Center

                                                506 Vermont Street                                        Personal Injury

                                                Quincy, Illinois 62301

                                                Donald R. Schuering, 217-224-2555


2001                                        Darby, Peele, Bowdoin, Payne & Kennon     Medical Center

                                                327 North Hernando Street                             Personal Injury

                                                Lake City, Florida 32056

                                                W. Roderick Bowdoin, 386-752-4120


2001                                        Frost & Saunders                                            Mental Retardation

                                                395 South Central Avenue                             Personal Injury

                                                Bartow, Florida 33830

                                                Robert J. Aranda, 863-533-0314


2001                                       Maloney & Maloney, P.C.                              Mental Retardation

                                                The Penthouse, 2000 Milan Bldg.                  Wrongful Death

                                                115 E. Travis Street                                         Deposition

                                                San Antonio, Texas 78205

                                                Dale Hicks, 210-227-7000


2001                                       Weinstock & Scavo, P.C.                               Mental Retardation

                                                Suite 300, 3405 Piedmont Road, N.E.            Wrongful Death

                                                Atlanta, Georgia 30305

                                                William J. Orr, 404-231-1618


2001                                       Douthit, Frets, Rouse & Gentile                     Mental Retardation

                                                10401 Holmes Road, Suite 220                      Contractual Dispute

                                                Kansas City, Missouri 64131-3406

                                                Jennifer L. Benedict, 816-941-7600


 2001                                      Turner & Turner                                              Medical Center

                                                801 SW Western Avenue                               Personal Injury

                                                Topeka, Kansas 66606                                   

                                                Dan E. Turner, 785-357-6541


2001                                        Sanes Matthews                                              Foster Home

                                                6900 Fannin, Suite 1160                                 Placement

                                                Houston, Texas 77030                                    Personal Injury

                                                Angela D. Johnson, 713-799-8400                 Deposition


Consultation :


2012                            Catholic Life Center

                                    Wichita, Kansas


2011                            Future Business Leaders of America test writing

                                    FBLA-PBL Inc.

                                    1912 Association Drive

                                    Reston, VA 20191


2010                           University of Phoenix

                                    Dissertation Mentor


2007                            Ponca City Regional Service Center

                                    Adult Foster Care/ Community Support

                                    Ponca City, Oklahoma


2007                            South Central Kansas Trauma Council

                                    Strategic Planning Activity

                                    Wichita, Kansas


2000                            Future Business Leaders of America test writing

                                    FBLA-PBL Inc.

                                    1912 Association Drive

                                    Reston, VA 20191

                                    703-860-3334, ext. 123


1999                             Liberty Health Care

                                     Bala Cynwid, Pennsylvania                                       

                                      Strategic Planning


 1999                             Kansas World Trade Center

                                      Organizational Performance Appraisal & Planning

                                      Wichita, Kansas         


1998                               Kansas World Trade Center

                                       Organizational Performance Appraisal and Planning

                                        Wichita, Kansas


1995                                Indiana Department of Mental Health

                                        Indianapolis, Indiana

                                        Closing Central State Hospital


1992                             Indiana Family and Social Services Administration                         

                                     Indianapolis, Indiana

                                     Health Care Finance Administration Compliance MRDD public residential facility




1991                            Developmental Disabilities Services Manager's Annual Award for Outstanding Management




2014                           Teach Like A Manager Webinar


2012                            A Parents Love Grows Toward Separation 


2009                            Lybarger Matrix Management by Dr. Tony Lybarger, published by Blurb publications ISBN 6-66666-888-8


2008                            Instruct-Online Webinar:  Execution for Department Managers


2008                            Instruct-Online Webinar:  Preferred Work Behaviors A Matrix Analysis Process


2005                            Designing Organizations for Success:  A Power Point Text


2004                            Author: Managing Human Resources MGMT 514 in text entitled Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage

                                    ISBN: 0-390-40105-6; McGraw-Hill Primis


2003                            Author: Organizational Communications MMIS/MSM in text entitled Organizational Behavior and Management

                                    ISBN: 0-390-39777-6; McGraw-Hill Primis


2000                            Editor: Selected Readings from Organizational Communication ISBN 0-07-235611-1; The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Primis Custom Publishing


1992                            Performance Management at Winfield State Hospital and Training Center (WSH&TC), written with four other WSH&TC staff; describes implementation, examples of use and positive results of Performance Management techniques at WSH&TC.

1980                            The Messiah is Not Coming! a text written and published to help teachers deal more effectively with children with learning and/or behavior problems.



1977                            The Child with Learning and Behavior Problems Under in Dimension, a publication of the Southern Association for Children  




1977                           The Messiah is Not Coming! A workshop for teachers which was  Accepted for presentation at the 1977 International Council for Exceptional Children: 

                                   Atlanta, Georgia


1976                             Unpublished dissertation, The Effect of Positive Peer Culture on the Self-Concept and Rate of Exhibition of Inappropriate Behavior of the Emotionally Disturbed Adolescent Male


1976                            Positive Peer Culture: An Alternative — Fall issue of Resources in Education


1976                            Positive Peer Culture: An Alternative — Volume 8, No. 4,  Education Abstract, Exceptional Children




2017                           Design Principles & Practices National Conference

                                   “Designing Organizations for Success”

                                   Peer Reviewed presentation 


2016                           American Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities National Conference – Peer reviewed presentation “Strategies for Protecting Your Family Member From Harm While in Out-of-Home Placement.”


2016                           National business Institute

                                   IEP and 504 Plan Legal Workshop

                                   Wichita, Kansas


2015                           Mid-America Wound Healing Society

                                   Spring Meeting

                                   “Documentation – The Key to Wound Care”


2015                           Mountain Plains (MPMSDC)

                                   Project Management (three workshops)

2009                           Kansas Masonic Home

                                   Preferred Work Behaviors in Long-Term Care


2008                           Care-Learning, Inc.

                                   Webinar – Preferred Work Behaviors

                                   Medical Center Department Managers


2008                           Care-Learning Inc

                                   Webinar - Execution for Department Managers

                                    Medical Center Department Managers


2007                            Ponca City Medical Center

                                    Leadership Retreat

                                    Execution for Department Managers

                                    Ponca city, Oklahoma


2004                            Kansas Department of Transportation, Division of Operations Administrative Professionals

                                    Wichita, Kansas

                                    Using Verbal and Non-verbal Communication to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


1998                               Wichita Health Care Managers          

                                       Wichita, Kansas

                                        Recruitment, Retention and the High Maintenance Employee


1998                              Wichita City Manager's Department Heads

                                      Wichita, Kansas

                                       How to Control Turnover


1993                                 American Association on Mental Retardation Annual Meeting,

                                         Washington, D.C.                              

                                          A Paradigm Shift in Management of State Operated Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded


1992                                Developmental Disabilities Manager's Conference

                                        Charlotte, North Carolina

                                        Upside Down Thinking — The Key to Success and Survival


1992                               Arkansas Chapter of the American Association on Mental Retardation:

                                       Upside Down Thinking — Examining the Past; Exploring the Future


1992                                Texas Chapter of the American Association on Mental Retardation                               

                                         New Orleans, Louisiana:

                                         The Superintendent's Job Description: Pass Surveys, Lay Off Staff,  Reduce Census, Expand Services and Control Costs While Creating A Vision for the Future


1991                               American Association on Mental Retardation Annual Meeting

                                       Washington, D.C.:

                                       Sophistication Through Simplification — A Management Consideration for ICFs/MR. 


1990                               American Association on Mental Retardation, Region V

                                       Conference - Little Rock, Arkansas:

                                       Quantifying the Unquantifiable: Using Numerically Stated Outcome Performance Measures to Define Appropriate Levels of


1990                                Developmental Disabilities Service Managers, Inc.

                                         Lexington, Kentucky:

                                         Sophistication Through Simplification — Quantifying the Unquantifiable


1990                                   American Association on Mental Retardation

                                           Atlanta, Georgia

                                           Performance Management System


1990                                     National Association of Superintendents of Public Residential Facilities for the Mentally Retarded

                                               Automated Monitoring of Standards Compliance

                                                Orlando, Florida


1989                                       AAMR Regional V Annual Meeting

                                               Houston, Texas

                                                Investigating Allegations of Abuse/Neglect — A Positive Tool for system Analysis


                                               Sharing Our Best Regional Conference for Mental Retardation Service Providers

                                                Beatrice, Nebraska


                                                Sophistication Through Simplification - A Management Alternative When Dealing With Decertification


Professional Organizations

                                                American Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities


                                               Kansas Chapter (1993)

                                                American Association on Mental Retardation



                                                Region V (1992)