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Solar Energy, Energy, Electrical
Electrical Engineering, Accident Reconstruction
Premises Liability, Personal Injury & Product Liability
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Solar Energy & Electrical Engineering 
Forensic Consultant

Rod Bergen PE is also has expertise that covers the evaluation of Solar Energy system's performance, installation defects, design deficiencies, wiring problems and Incident Reconstruction. Mr. Bergen has managed the oldest full-service solar company in Southern California. He has been a Solar Energy Instructor since 1977 (including Seminars for Professional Engineers). He is knowledgeable in Electrical Contracting, Solar Engineering & related construction trades and has 40 years of experience in Solar Energy Systems design, installation and monitoring. He has 18 years of prior Aerospace experience as a Computer Systems Analyst & Systems Engineer. Mr. Bergen is a California Superior Court-approved Expert Witness in Solar Energy systems. He is experienced in expert witness deposition preparation & trial testimony. 

  • Electrical System's Performance
  • Electrical Power
  • Electricity
  • Energy Technology
  • Solar Energy
  • Solar System's Performance
  • Installation Defects
  • Design Deficiencies
  • Wiring Problems
  • Incident Reconstruction