Mr. Steven E. Zell

Expert Witness
Air Pollution Control, Environmental Engineering
Fire and Explosions, Oil and Gas
Refineries and Toxic Tort
Steven E. Zell, P.E. · · ¬†Phone:¬† 860-899-7353

Steven E. Zell, P.E. has extensive experience as an expert witness in toxic tort litigation concerning accidental or chronic releases of toxic pollutants to the atmosphere, including releases due to overpressure or fire or explosions in chemical plants and oil refineries, and releases of toxic chemicals due to railway and truck accidents. 

Expertise includes calculation of transient emission rates from process or incident conditions, chemical reactions, and atmospheric dispersion modeling to determine concentrations to which affected persons were exposed. For releases from chemical processes, a failure analysis or root-cause analysis can be performed to determine responsibility for the cause of the accident. 

If you are representing the plaintiffs or defendants in toxic tort litigation involving release of pollutants to the air, contact Steven E. Zell at (860)899-7353 or by email at