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Richard F Beaubien, PE, PTOE

Beaubien Engineering
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Transportation, Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Accident Investigations, Accident Reconstruction

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About Richard F Beaubien, PE, PTOE

Mr. Beaubien knows roads. His 44 years of professional experience include projects in both rural and urban settings: municipal traffic engineering, transportation planning, highway design, traffic system operations, right-of-way acquisition, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. In addition to his extensive project work, he has court testimony experience.

Mr. Beaubien is a registered professional engineer in several jurisdictions. He has been certified as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) by the Transportation Professional Certification Board, Washington, D.C. He currently chairs the Metro Detroit Incident Management Coordinating Committee, is a Past-President of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan, and is a past International President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. As frequent public speaker on traffic safety topics, Mr. Beaubien takes high-level traffic engineering concepts and communicates those in layman’s terms.


1685 Ross Drive Troy, MI 48084