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Rich Meier

Meier Fire Investigation LLC
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Fire and Explosions, Fire Protection Investigations, Fire Origin and Cause

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About Rich Meier

Our principal expert, Richard Meier, is a full time fire and explosion investigator, analyst, researcher, author, and civil and criminal court qualified expert witness. He has investigated fires and explosions from Miami Beach, Florida to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and has been involved numerous high profile, nationally covered cases such as the 2012 fatal high rise fire in Chicago (the woman in the elevator); the 2012 explosion and fire at JJ's Restaurant in Kansas City; and the infamous 2013 explosion of the West Fertilizer Company in West, Texas, and 2015 house explosion in Detroit, Michigan.

In all of his cases Mr. Meier brings to bear not only his years of training and experience as a fire investigator, but also his training and experience as a design and manufacturing engineer. Finding the cause of a fire or an explosion requires not only an understanding of fire, but an understanding of how all the components contributing to a fire work together to create the event. It also requires knowing how everything works, and more importantly, how everything fails. This is the kind of knowledge that is only acquired over decades of designing, building, troubleshooting and fixing a multitude of products. It is that knowledge that puts him well ahead of the competition.

Meier Fire performs Origin and Cause Investigations; Evidence Collection, Documentation and Preservation; Evidence Inspections and Examinations; Witness Interviews; Complex Analysis; Standards and Codes Research; Laboratory Testing of Products and Material Flammability; Litigation Support; Expert Witness Testimony; and Research into Topics of Interest to the Fire Investigation Community. We are knowledgeable in Fire Prevention, Protection and Suppression; Firefighter procedures; the Insurance industry; Large Loss Cases; Vehicles, Vessels, and Heavy Equipment; Labels, Warnings, and Instructions; Civil and Criminal Law as it concerns Fire Investigation; and Rules of Evidence for Criminal and Civil Court Proceedings.


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